Open Source in Space: Flight Software Workshop Begins | EE Times

Open-source code and its role in spaceflight software is one of many interesting topics to be discussed at the Flight Software Workshop this week. Here NASA JPL developers tell EE Times what's in the code.

FreeRTOS gets lightweight IoT interface with Nabto

FreeRTOS has been given Internet-of-Things (IoT) capability, in less than 23kbyte on a microcontroller. This is not much memory as serving web pages from a

This ARM-powered Aithon board runs Chibios/RT

This ARM-powered Aithon board runs Chibios/RT

Boot to Qt - Device Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the Boot to Qt stack running on several different hardware configuration. The demo is a Qt Quick 2.0 application which comes with ...

Boot to Qt - SDK Demonstation

This is a demonstration of the Boot to Qt SDK. It shows how to configure Qt Creator for hardware development and how to run applications in both the emulator...

1 Second boot to QT app in Linux on AllWinner A10 Hardware

Blog Post: http://www.cnx-software.com/2013/04/22/booting-linux-in-less-than-1-second-in-allwinner-a10-device-yes-you-can/ Video Source: http://v.youku.com/v...

Queue sets and tickless idle added in new version of FreeRTOS

Real Time Engineers Ltd. has released V7.4.0 of its FreeRTOS.

LinuxCNC on Raspberry Pi

LinuxCNC on Raspberry Pi running on a Xenomai kernel. The step generator is offloaded to an external PIC32 uC using SPI as a the communication bus. The WEB-b...

N.S. teen gets Google nod as computer whiz

Mathew Kallada can’t quite remember what drew him to computers. After all, for a 17-year-old, it was in the distant past. The Beechville teenager created his first website in Grade 6. It was just a simple little project, as he remembers it, to host games made with the program Flash. Not long after, he started coding his own programs. His parents noticed that he was fascinated by something to do with the family computer so they got him one of his own.

Barnes & Noble releases Nook app for Windows 8, Windows RT

A little more than the month after the companies announced their digital partnership, the app appears at the Windows Store.

Ready, Steady, Go!

What's your experience with Go? Are you using it in embedded software? Or anywhere?

Hadopi 2 : une amende de 1500 euros en cas de défaut de sécurisation ? - Politique - Numerama

Le texte complémentaire à l'Hadopi que défendra mercredi au Conseil des ministres le tout fraîchement nommé Frédéric Mitterrand prévoirait une amende de 1500 euros contre les abonnés à Internet qui n'ont pas sécurisé leur accès après avertissement de l'Hadopi. Une amende qui dans les faits ne sera probablement jamais appliquée.